Security and Authentication

Automate Customer Number Access for Registered Account

When new customer numbers are requested and associated with practitioners, the Office should be able to update registered accounts to include CNs the practitioner is associated with. I seem to recall this was a plan some years ago, however, it is not something that has been happening with any regularity. It is unreasonable to ask practitioners to send in a form to request their accounts be updated to include new CNs that they have been associated with. For a firm our size it is really inconvenient as we would need to get over 170 practitioners to sign forms and send them to the Office.


Additionally, since migration will need to be complete in the coming weeks. It would be most beneficial for the Office to push updates to all registered accounts to ensure they properly include all CNs the practitioner is associated with. Then a similar push could be scheduled to occur in the wee hours when server activity should be low.



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