Automated Interview Request (AIR) - overseas telephone number

The form (https://www.uspto.gov/patent/uspto-automated-interview-request-air-form) includes a mandatory phone number field formatted to accept 10 numeric digits. I am located overseas and do not find that this format accommodates a phone number in a foreign country.

For one thing, there is no way to indicate that the first two or three digits are the country code. I believe this is usually indicated by preceding the code with either a plus sign or the digits '011.' There is no room for the latter solution.

Maybe one solution would be to have a check box for 'foreign number' or something. Once the user indicates that, the form could perhaps adapt, e.g., display another text or list box for the country code, or perhaps disable the phone number and display a check box with something like 'initial response from examiner will be via e-mail only."


I consider this issue very important as I have found the AIR form to work very well -- noticed better than filing a request via EFS.



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