Security and Authentication

Back-up Access for Urgently Needed

The ability to log in to Private PAIR and EFS-Web using a PKI was unavailable on May 30 and 31. On May 31 the login suddenly failed. Yes, filings can be made through other means such as the EFS-Web contingency system, fax (not applications), mail, and hand delivery (for those with direct PTO access). What cannot be done is any other function that the account provides access to such as sponsorship management, Financial Manager, and the Certified Copy Center.


If users are unable to login at all, they cannot conduct business that is sometimes time sensitive. For example, it is important to remove personnel as soon as possible when they leave a firm (practitioners and sponsored staff). Steps to remove personnel cannot be completed when users are unable to log into the one umbrella system for all of the necessary tools.


With all the issues the Office has seemed to have of late, I am sure the public would like some information about the steps being taken to ensure reliable system access and security.



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