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Calculating fees / Fees all on same web page

It is very hard to determine appropriate fees and a bit cumbersome on Patent Center when you are given two different web pages to go to for calculating the fees. The first page is where you can enter total claims, pages, if there are any petition fees, etc. and then you go to the calculate fees pages. I think the information on the first web page you come to for fees can be on the same fees page. If it can't maybe the "calculate fees" button can be move to the top next to "skip fees" because I find I am not using the first website very often at the moment unless I have a new application. I am a paralegal and can't access Petitions yet in PC and extra claim fees for office actions are not working correctly at the moment.

For example, I have a Final Office Action to respond to where I have additional claim fees to pay. I enter the total amount of claims but when I hit calculate fees, it's only accounting for one when I check off the additional claim fees over 20 box. It is so much easier to just be able to enter how many extra claim fees we need (similar to what is in EFS) than for the system to have so many cumbersome steps. Fees needed should all be on one page and simple to enter and calculate, please.



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