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Certified Copy Center - Entitlement Document?

Kudos for converting the system for ordering certified copies. There is a major flaw in the system when you require users to log in using their account. The flaw is that the system requires one or more entitlement documents before a user can proceed. This is a flaw because practitioners associated with customer numbers have access to unpublished applications, and the staff the sponsor do as well.


Why require a user to log in using their account if the Office is not going to allow the user the benefits associated with their credentials? The user shouldn't need to access Private PAIR to pull copies of entitlement documents to upload with their request, the Office already has the documents and the security has already been set by the associated customer number.


Furthermore, the user has to wait 72 hours for the Office to approve entitlement documents that are already part of Office records? This doesn't make a lot of sense for users logging into the Certified Copy Center using their secure and vetted account. This procedure only makes sense for guest users.


The public will be very happy to see this issue addressed.



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