Modernization of EFS-Web

Charge Deposit Account based on Customer Number

Add to Financial Manager the ability to associate deposit accounts with customer numbers. Then allow practitioners associated with a specific customer number authorize the Office to charge the deposit account associated with the customer number.


Practitioners sign correspondence being filed with the Office but may rarely effect the submission of, and payment for, such filings. As a result, practitioners making an authorization to charge a named deposit account in a paper filed with the Office are unable to do so under the current Financial Manager system unless they are also added as payers to the account in Financial Manager. This limitation then means that firms having many practitioners as well as staff will need to include all personnel in the Financial Manager. This could mean the addition of 100, 200, 300 or more individual accounts to one deposit account. Given that the customer number practice already requires us to individually identify all practitioners, it seems more efficient for both the public and the Office to associate multiple practitioners to a deposit account using the customer number they are currently associated with. This also results in one piece of information being updated that can be relied on for information by various other sources (PAIR, EFS Web, and Financial Manager).


My suggestion to associate deposit accounts with customer numbers is not meant to bypass the need for practitioners to create a account for working with the Office. It is only meant to help alleviate the burden of having to add large number of personnel to an account.



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