Security and Authentication

Create Designated Administrators by Domain Address

Now more than before we need the ability to identify at least three (3) administrators that can conduct additions and removal by domain address. Since accounts are used to access secure USPTO systems, this seems a valid possibility when a specific domain is used for account names.


For example, our practitioners and employees all have accounts under their firm email address so the domain is the same for everyone. When someone leaves the firm, we have to remove that person manually from each system they are linked to that involves private firm information. We have to access each payment method in Financial Manager; and for staff, each practitioner who has sponsored the individual; and for practitioners, every customer number the firm has. For us, the numbers are large and removing one person can take a significant amount of time.


We understand we cannot ask the Office to delete an account based on domain address, but we should be afforded the ability to manage personnel with only a few clicks rather than by needing to access up to 300 accounts just to get someone removed.


Administrators can be appointed by law firms and other large organizations after the managing partner, CEO, or other designated Officer submits their request or approves an application. You decide on the method.


Please give this or a similar solution serious consideration in view of staff needing to be sponsored by practitioners (in our case the number is almost 200), customer number management, and financial manager payment methods.


Thank you.



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