Modernization of EFS-Web

Delay launch of new EFS login and provide Demo sandbox

The USPTO should not change the Java applet login without providing ample advance notice (1-2 months is insufficient) and without providing a clear description, working demo site, and pre-launch notifications for users to demo, analyze, develop new code, and alter workflows to adapt to the changes.


Since the early 2000's when EFS was first launched, corporations and law firms have developed code to login, manage, and upload patent prosecution filings. The USPTO's new process "improvement" will substantially alter existing software, systems, and workflows that have been developed over many years and at great cost. The new login will significantly disrupt, if not completely halt the day-to-day operations that rely on these processes.


We acknowledge improvements must be made, but the pace, timing, substance, and character of those changes, must be shared well in advance so that users can prepare and make the necessary changes. For example, requiring text based confirmation that requires a separate confirmation entry requires a user having a phone that is capable of receiving a text. If all users now have separate accounts, a process must be in place to delegate authority and review uploads. Yet, no information beyond a cursory explanation is provided on how any of the changes work.


Clearly, a major change such as altering the log-in, should not be rolled out without the user community having an opportunity to test drive, explore, and suggest improvements. Otherwise, the USPTO risk blow-back and a possible repeat of a failed launch, an embarrassing shutdown, or worse, loss of credibility and trust by the user community.


Accordingly, we would request a delay until a demo site is launched showing clearly what is to be expected from new users and a clear explication of the proposed changes, the expected impact, and sufficient time for users to make internal adjustments to workflows, code, and processes.



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