Modernization of PAIR

Digital Certified Copies via Download

The USPTO should provide the option of a digital certified copy that is just a file that can be downloaded, rather than forced to be delivered on a CD.


there are many reasons why someone may want a digital certified copy of a patent/application. As an example that we face often, some countries (at least Taiwan) do not currently have a way to electronically obtain certified copies of patent applications from the USPTO. In the old days, we used to order up a paper certified copy and mail it to counsel in Taiwan. However, the Taiwan Patent Office in modern times does not want all of that paper and requests only a digital copy. So we now order a certified digital copy of the priority application from the USPTO which is only delivered on a CD. The Taiwan Patent Office apparently doe not want the CD, only the digital file on the CD. As such, when done, either Taiwan counsel or US counsel is stuck with the CD that nobody wants.



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