Do not duplicate

Since I am a beginner, there are things that are obvious to the USPTO personnel but not to me.


An example is filing a petition and discovering a few days later that you can file an ePetition. I was going to file an ePetition, but it was explained to me by a representative at the IAC that it would be very difficult to sort out at the USPTO. When I eventually reached the Petition office, they politely said "do not do THAT" (duplicate a petition that was filed with an ePetition that was about to be filed). The easiest thing to do was to "do nothing" and I thanked them. After a whle, I thought about the refund request that I had submitted a few days earlier. I submitted a duplicate because I selected "transmittal letter" and then found out the next day I should have selected "Refund Request". I submitted a duplicate of the request with the file selected to say "Refund Request" rather than "Transmittal Letter". After I found out about the error thru the petition-ePetition fiasco, I called the Refund Receivables agent and told them there were 2 entries on two different days and there needed to be 1.


This doesn't need a vote because we aren't try to get someone else to do something. It reminds me of something I learned years ago in Driver's Ed - the cause of most accidents is "the nut behind the wheel". 😀



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