Erroneous Notification - Patents Maintenance Fees Storefront

Update the description relating to patent expiration to include an "or" statement that a patent may have reached the end of the term.



Continuing application has an effective filing date of February 1, 1993

Patent issues on January 5, 2003

20 year term ends February 1, 2013 (providing there is no TD to shorten, or PTA to extend term)

11.5 year fee would be due July 5, 2014


The Patents Maintenance Fees Storefront (Storefront) doesn't take into account that a patent term has ended. Instead, the fee window for an expired patent would open and show that a fee is due. If the fee is not paid the Storefront would indicate that the patent expired due to nonpayment instead of because the end of the term had been reached.


It should be easy enough to default the 20 year term into the Storefront to avoid unnecessary payments or panic from patent owners. When a patent naturally expires, it would be most beneficial to have the Storefront indicate that expiration was due to reaching term. Alternatively, an "or" statement as proposed above would be beneficial to allow the user to confirm by conducting their own calculation.



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