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Filing of Fees Due After a Submission is Completed

This idea is similar to one I posted earlier, but comes up in a different context.

See:, for the original idea relating to correcting EFS-Web filings after pressing the Submit button).


Sometimes, either due to an error on behalf of the filer or due to the USPTO Financial Manager not working properly, submissions are made without payment of fees that are due. Sometimes it may not have been apparent at the time of the filing that fees were due (for example, extensions of time or excess claims fees), or sometimes the fees where known and either not selected during the submission process or the payment process failed (for example, due to Financial Manager not working).


It would be useful if one could go into EFS or PAIR and identify a specific prior filing and then pay whatever desired fees are due in connection with that prior submission. This would be helpful in many situations, including when payment of an issue fee does not go through and you cannot submit the issue fee in a second submission without re-submitting the PTOL85B form. I also prefer to be sure that the correct fees go through in a timely manner, and would appreciate being able to easily (assuming the underlying problem for the non-payment is resolved) make a follow-on payment tied directly to the earlier submission to eliminate USPTO guesswork, possible inadvertent charging of a deposit account, or worse if the payment is never made.



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