Improived Notification to File Corrected Application Papers

Currently the form for the Notification to File Corrected Application Papers includes lots of check boxes but little room to enter free-form text. I have spoke to USPTO employees who have said (rightly or wrongly) that they are not permitted to provide free-form text and are instructed only to check boxes on the form.


Often, the information conveyed in the checked box is so broad as to be useless and much time is spent trying to determine the real underlying issue that needs resolution. Often calls to the USPTO yield no results because the person trying to help is not the person who checked the box - and so they are left with no clue as to the underlying issue as well.


In particular, but not exclusively, this happens when there is an objection to the drawings.


My suggestion is to allow for a marked up copy of the drawings or the specification or a reference to a location on the drawings or within the specification to be provided along with the notice. This would be greatly useful to practitioners and save much time and effort (including USPTO help desk time and effort) in dealing with these types of issues.



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