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MY USPTO - Patent Docket Portfolio View

I love that we can add cases to the My USPTO page to monitor easily, but currently the only view for each portfolio is by the title of the application. I would love to see an option to chose what fields to be displayed in that section. For example as a personal preference, I would much rather prefer to see application number and attorney docket number rather than the title.


Also I assume this will change eventually, but I can only add cases that are published or granted etc. and not able to add anything pending. I am guessing that the implementation of the Patent Center there may not even be a need for this docket view on MyUSPTO, but just in case, it would be good to be able to add any case assigned to certain customer numbers and such, not just what would be available in Public PAIR. It would be also helpful to be able to migrate cases assigned to a particular customer number instead of manually adding each case manually. Again Patent Center may have this functionality better than in MY USPTO.


It would also be good to sort by status of the case so you can remove cases that you no longer want to monitor based on status. So for a particular client we have, once a case grants it is handled by an annuity service and the client. It would be good to remove anything granted at that point to make room for more pending cases to the portfolio.



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