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MyUSPTO experiences

I will document my experiences with myUSPTO. They are common experiences and the solution(s) obvious. The first thing I did was to select "Private Pair" in myUSPTO. When I did, I landed on a page "Access Denied for Private Pair". I then tried to close all browser windows and try again. I still landed on the "Access denied" page.


If someone gets the "Access denied" page, then they will not go further. I have a myUSPTO account with a verified email account, PKI certificate, etc.


There is an issue because I use Google Authenticate rather than Oracle Authenticate, but it let me in anyway - probably because it was the first thing I used. If the USPTO could send me a text message to my mobile phone with a timeout message like the SIngapore Patent Office does, it would make my life a bit easier. That way, they could change authentication methods invisible to the end user. I really don't care whether the USPTO uses Google Authenticate or Oracle Authenticate (or any other vendor). Who is selected will be based on "low bid/best value" in the future.


I am still learning and I would like to continue to learn because this migration has to be complete by December 31, 2018. Browsers will not support Java after this date, and the existing PKI certificate and authentication method is based on Java. I am submitting this idea because we are running out of time.



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