Security and Authentication

Quantum 5G WAR - Open Source Internet of Everything hacked -

Patent assigned creating conflict with Human Interfacing Device heterogeneous Access System combined with Intelligent Information Autonomics verified Omni-all infra systems tailored, parental guardianship and rights to ownership are eminent claimed by I, Christopher M. Spradling. Major maliciousness with non compliance of open source attachments and properties set forth with non dispensary agreements and procurements not involving me personally included as well. All informational details transferred as deemed necessary per subjectivity of request.

Verizon - Xfinity and several entertainment artists, technology companies, research entities and private/Public and governmental associations have devised unknowledgeable and ignorant conflict with the advancement of technology creating major distortion launching 5G and Quantum communication system. launched walk through "lexicon" inspired endeavors for Open Source free for all story book platform type dashboard. An email to Scheme requesting acknowledgement has no results thus far.

I'm requesting personal contact for a more descriptive explanation into the massive Domino effect of attachment and no progress also, a giant scientific evidence round up for the fluid meta physical astrophysics subject including new symbols and mathematical equations and terminology to deliver.


An email would be the most efficient method of tag lining this subject. It's going to become a major story globally.


Any advice of formality or creating new subjects will definitely be advised by uspto veterans as well as, any forward advancements will WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS BE REQUESTED AS A GROUP ENDEAVOR WITH MY PERMISSION ULTIMATELY.

Foreseeable FCC, FEC, Mental health and behavioral sciences CLASS ACTIONS will become involved. You are hearby WARNED and INFORMED.


Let's get busy!


Thank you all respectfully,


Christopher Michael Spradling


Idea No. 337