Recognize POA in Issued Patent to Allow for Withdrawal

POA rules and procedure could use an update so that practitioners can effectively remove their names and contact information from the record when no longer performing work for a patent owner. Currently, POA is required to change the Fee Address, and Correspondence Address for pre-AIA patents. These changes often occur after issuance. Furthermore, should a firm take over an issued patent and need to become the Fee Address a POA must be filed to allow them to do this. All of this is after issuance so the database indicates the practitioner has POA after issuance. Yet, the Office will not allow a practitioner to withdraw as attorney of record after issuance. It cannot be both ways.


The Trademark group allows practitioners to "withdraw" as attorney of record after registration for the purpose of removing the practitioner from the record. They understand that POA has already effectively ended, but that practitioners need to disassociate themselves from files when they are no longer responsible.



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