Modernization of PAIR

Remove POA Requirement to Change Fee Address

This is related to "Recognize POA in Issued Patent to Allow for Withdrawal." A practitioner will periodically need to update the Fee Address where the practitioner does not have Power of Attorney (POA). If a practitioner has access to the record via the Correspondence Address, the Office should allow such practitioner to update the Fee Address.


Please correct me if I am wrong ... It does not appear that POA is required to change the Fee Address by any rule (see 1.33 and 1.363), therefore the Office should recognize practitioners acting in representative capacity who are also provided access via a Correspondence Address. Yes, rule 1.33 mentions Fee Address, however this is within the definition of Customer Number; and 1.363 doesn't mention POA at all.


This would likely mean the current Private PAIR address change form would need to be split into two different forms since POA is required for a practitioner not named in the original application papers to change the Correspondence Address. By separating the forms the Office could electronically check for established POA to change the Correspondence Address; and check Correspondence Address to confirm signing practitioner is able to change the Fee Address.



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