Securing USPTO online access

Not Happy.


The Office's decision to eliminate the ability to review Public PAIR data while logged into Private PAIR is a huge step in the wrong direction. What you are essentially asking users to do is to have two versions of PAIR open in order to do their daily duties. I understand that data mining is a concern of the Office, however, the Customer Number practice was intended to help avoid access to unpublished applications and related data.


Users are already frustrated with the need to log out and log back in just to change the practitioner they are working under. I do not see this change being welcomed by your customers. Confidence in the Office is slowly dwindling with all the system failures and additional hoops users are now forced to jump through. Not to mention the change was announced via a link in a notice on the Private PAIR homepage after you log in, with implementation the following day. This is NOT sufficient notice to the public.


As a user of Patent Center I do see improvements coming down the line, however, I urge the Office not to move the existing system backward until Patent Center is available to all Office users. Only improvements should be made to Private PAIR and EFS-Web while Patent Center is being perfected for general release.


Given the age of Private PAIR and EFS-Web, the Office should indicate when there are technical reasons based on system limitations to allow the public to more positively digest changes that adversely affect their workflows.




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