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Split Document - Document Type Not Assigning Correctly

There is a bug in the Split Documents interface. When you split a document and assign document types, if you don't click "Done" at the bottom of the Split Documents interface but instead click the button to advance to the next screen, it acts like all of the pending document type selections for the sub-parts of that document have been assigned (at the least, it doesn't give you and warning that they have not), but does not actually retain them. So when you go to submit, it acts like you didn't assign any document type to that document. The system should be set up so that advancing to the next page in the submission workflow causes all multi-part document type assignments that are pending to be saved/assigned, even if the user did not click "done" in the split document interface. I recently had to go through this process three times for a preliminary amendment before I figured out what the issue was and was allowed to submit the document.



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