Security and Authentication

Staff login/easier way to swtich between certificate users?

At our firm, our staff is the one that logs in on behalf of the attorney (we do the certification thing) and they do the uploading and submitting of any filings. One of the biggest complaints among the staff is having to log in as one attorney, submit their filing, and then log out/in when they have a filing for another attorney so that they can submit it under the different attorney's certificate.


I feel that there has to be an easier and more efficient way to switch between users. I think it should be possible for staff to obtain a certificate for logging in purposes, using Private PAIR etc. and then choose which attorney certificate they are using easily for the actual submission. They can stay logged in as themselves and then just upload which certificate they would be filing under and check off the certification they are working on behalf of the certificate holder for the actual submission.


Once you log in and authenticate, why do you have to go through that process all over again, just to switch to a different certificate holder? It just seems like there should be a better way to streamline this process. WIPO ePCT allows anyone to have a certificate and submit filings (as long as the actual attorney signs the actual filing) and the login process is simple. I think EFS-Web should follow a similar process if possible. There has to be an easier way than having to log out/in each time you have something to submit in EFS-Web for a different certificate holder.



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