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Submissions for matters that are not on your customer number(s)

The ability to submit documents in an application that is not associated with a customer number that you are associated with is broken, at least with respect to uploads by sponsored staff. We went to file a change of power of attorney today, and my secretary successfully uploaded it under my sponsorship. It gave her a warning that the application was not associated with any of my customer numbers, but let her upload and save it nonetheless. She can see it when she reviews pending submissions in the Workbench (possibly after filtering to see her uploads). However, I cannot see it or review it, even though it was uploaded under my sponsorship. This is despite the option in the Customer Number filter drop-down being enabled for "Include applications that are not associated with a customer number" (disabling this option didn't change anything--I tried both since I thought maybe it got reversed).


Can this be fixed? It really hampers the ability to file changes of power of attorney.




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