Modernization of EFS-Web

Why tons of forms for USPTO? Lets use the power of HTML/JS.

Remove the process-pain please.

No forms need to be attached/uploaded.


Instead of so many USPTO forms, there should be just a web page with each current form being an expandable/collapsible field in the web page.

Merge all forms in to one live user-fillabler web page for the registered e-filers.


All it needs is a good Java Script based web form. Such web form would have a left pane (for example) which lists all the types of form matters, such as Request for xyz, Petition for abc, etc. Users just expand it fill it and submit it. Users should not need to download, fill, sign, scan, convert to PDF, upload...


Internally, the USPTO can easily track each submission in to whatever ID they want (such as 37 USC 1234, etc).


Let the inventors focus on their invention and not bother about USPTO Form numbers, and painful long process.





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