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"Oops" options for filing submissions

Often, well hopefully not too often but sometimes, you realize a mistake in a filing as soon as you press the submit button. Examples of such things might be forgetting to include a document in the filing, forgetting to pay an extension of time or other fee, or others.


It would be convenient if one or more options existed for correcting a filing immediately following submission. For example, a button on the receipt page to enable either a correction or a follow on submission in the same matter.


This would save mouse clicks and typing to make the corrected submission.


Examples of possible corrections might be:

1. Replace one document with another. Such a corrected patent application, drawings, office action response, letter, or the like where an error was realized immediately after hitting submit.

2. Pay any fees due for the prior submission, where either fees were not selected or not paid.


Although this should happen relatively infrequently and i certainly advocate proofreading and double-checking items prior to submission. Mistakes sometimes happen and since follow on submissions made the same day in EFS are treated as being part of the same submission, it would be convenient to have the ability to make such a correction without having to click around and to re-type all of the filing information.



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