Modernization of EFS-Web

One and Done

This is ridiculous to select User Authentication Method each time you log on. We should only be required to do this once especially if you're using the same (dedicated) computer! It is such a waste of time to do this each time.


Below is what we see each time!


Select User Authentication Method



Authenticate with Java Applet (old method)

Authenticate with Java Web Start (new method)




Which Authentication Method to Choose?

Authenticate with Java Applet method is the original authentication method for the system. This method requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the system, and Java Applet Plugin installed into the browser. The Java Applet Plugin has to be configured to use the installed JRE. Many newer versions of major browsers may not support Java Applet Plugin.

Authenticate with Java Web Start requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the system, with Web Start launcher (javaws) configured to process downloaded JNLP files, either by file extension or by file content type. These configuration steps are performed by standard JRE installation process. Java Applet Plugin is NOT required.

For additional information regarding these authentication methods, please visit EFS-Web/PAIR System Requirements.



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