Modernization of PAIR

Provide additional Examiner data to Applicants

Patent Examiners are tasked with being the gatekeepers of patent applications. Cooperation between Applicants and Examiners is crucial to maintaining a high quality patent system.


It would be helpful if PAIR (or any successor system) would be able to easily provide detailed information about a patent examiner in a centralized location. Such information can include:

* Location (e.g., Hotelling, Jefferson building, Randolph building, ...)

* Ability for in-person interview? (e.g., Yes/No or dates available for in-person interviews)

* Signatory Authority ? (Authority to come to agreement in an interview?)

* Phone Number

* Fax Number

* Email Address


Additionally, it might be useful to see a list of any pending applications filed under the same customer number that are also being examined by the same examiner.



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