Modernization of EFS-Web

Submitted by (@judiths)

Simplified Continuation Application Filing

A continuation or divisional application generally carries forward the original figures, specification, declaration, etc., as well as the IDS from its parent filing. It would be incredibly helpful if we could easily create a Continuation Application from a currently pending application, with auto-populated IDS, Spec, Figures, ADS. If you want it to be even more helpful, we could propagate any amendments to the Specification ...more »


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Modernization of PAIR

Submitted by (@stanprotigal)

Expand and combine "Continuity Data" and "Foreign Priority"

It would be convenient if all "Patent Family Information" were provided in a single screen. This would include "Continuity Data", "Foreign Priority Data" and also all known foreign patent applications in the "Patent Family", similar to that found on WIPO and Espacenet. This involves 2 items: 1. Consolidation of "Continuity" and "Priority" information onto one page; and 2. Inclusion of "Patent Family" data on PAIR. ...more »


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