Modernization of PAIR

Don't show "Patented Case" status until issuance

First time here; apologies if this has been asked and I overlooked it in my search. Today Private PAIR gave me a mild heart attack. I was checking the status of a pending application prior to filing a continuation. On the Application Data screen, I saw a "Status" of "Patented Case" (see screenshot, red arrow). Oops! Turns out the Issue Notification has been mailed, but the patent has not, in fact, been issued (see ...more »


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Modernization of EFS-Web

Stop uploading PDF forms; use screen fillable forms

We should be able to just enter all text based information using screen fillable forms. This would include (i) bibliographic (ADS) information, (ii) all IDS 1449s, (iii) the text of applications (title, inventor, government contract, priority, background, summary, brief figures, detailed description, claims, and abstract) using screen fillable forms, (iv) responses to missing parts, (v) response to restriction, (vi) ...more »


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