Modernization of PAIR

Enable Request to Delete Attorney Data After Issuance

Because Power of Attorney effectively ends at issuance, practitioners are prevented from withdrawing as attorney of record in issued patents. This can lead the public into believing that a practitioner is responsible when they are not. Law firms routinely transfer files back and forth. Some practitioners do not feel it is necessary to file a new POA for issued patents because POA is technically "ineffective." Given ...more »

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Modernization of EFS-Web

Batch Power of Attorney Filings

Currently, I can assign a number of cases simultaneously with a batch assignment, but I have to file a separate Power of Attorney in each case, via EFS. I use the same signed document for each (a general power of attorney). It would be much more efficient if we could add multiple matters to a single Power of Attorney filing. It would also be helpful if we did not need to submit a separate ADS form with the Power of ...more »

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Modernization of EFS-Web

Let inventors sign online using digital certificate signature

It might improve efficiency of application processing if attorneys could email a link to clients/inventors where they could sign documents online. Applicants and inventors could sign powers of attorney, inventors could sign declarations and assignments, and owners could sign 3.73c statements, using a digital time-stamped signature, like the kind you can get from Comodo for free.

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