Eliminate Petition for Technical Corrections to Priority Claims

While the US and other countries are moving toward transmission of these documents electronically, it would be nice to allow applicants to correct formalities in their priority claim that have been preventing the electronic retrieval of priority documents. Since there is a waiver in the rules for when the priority document must be supplied when it is available electronically, the Office should allow applicants to fix ...more »


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Modernization of EFS-Web

Incorporation by Reference on the ADS

It would be SO helpful, if there were a checkbox, perhaps, next to the priority information on the ADS to include an incorporation by reference. Or even a separate section. I thought earlier versions of the ADS *sort of* said that providing the information constituted incorporation, but it was unclear and I believe the language was since removed. Our firm files Preliminary Amendments solely to incorporate by reference ...more »


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Modernization of PAIR

Expand and combine "Continuity Data" and "Foreign Priority"

It would be convenient if all "Patent Family Information" were provided in a single screen. This would include "Continuity Data", "Foreign Priority Data" and also all known foreign patent applications in the "Patent Family", similar to that found on WIPO and Espacenet. This involves 2 items: 1. Consolidation of "Continuity" and "Priority" information onto one page; and 2. Inclusion of "Patent Family" data on PAIR. ...more »


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