Security and Authentication

Cryptographic Public Private Key in lieu of JAVA enabled EFS

Java EFS file seems problematic and regularly crashes. Updating JAVA for other web applications can impair EFS authentication. Could switching to a private pubic key system, with unique keys generated for each unique user solve this problem? Is there a better way to get around the refs file?

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Modernization of EFS-Web

Why tons of forms for USPTO? Lets use the power of HTML/JS.

Remove the process-pain please. No forms need to be attached/uploaded. Instead of so many USPTO forms, there should be just a web page with each current form being an expandable/collapsible field in the web page. Merge all forms in to one live user-fillabler web page for the registered e-filers. All it needs is a good Java Script based web form. Such web form would have a left pane (for example) which lists all the ...more »

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